Breaking News : Mesut Ozil And Father Issues Lawsuit Over Fake Documents And Rumours

MustafaDentro_92_originalIf reports from Germany are anything to go by, Arsenal’s new signing Mesut Ozil’s agent and father Mustapha Ozil has issued a lawsuit over a fake document that claims he has sold Ozil ( his son and client ) to Manchester United. Köln Express, had ran an exclusive that claims Mesut Ozil has signed an agreement with Manchester united before he finally made the twist from Real Madrid to Arsenal.

Köln Express claim they were tipped off to the Ozil-to-old trafford rumour when they received from an unnamed source a letter claiming to be a document of sale. The letter had the signature of Ozil’s father and agent, Mustapha. In the letter, it was claimed Real Madrid has approved the sale of Ozil to Manchester United.

To make it even more interesting, the letter came with it Ozil’s signature and was dated August 7th, 2013.

The paper contacted Ozil’s father Mustapha who bluntly claim the document was faked and has in turn initiated a lawsuit.

When contacted, Mustapha Ozil has this to say :

I would have never thought something like this was possible. Someone has pretended to be me. They’ve used my name to link it to Manchester (United). They have even signed my name! That’s not a trivial crime. We are now looking into the matter.

The Köln Express report that Mustapha Özil has hired a lawyer to investigate the forged document.

A blurry copy of the said letter is attached below.

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