Breaking News : Di Maria To Join Arsenal On Monday


Di Maria will be joining Arsenal by Monday once Gareth Bale’s transfer to Real Madrid has been finalized according to skysports. Arsenal have been linked to the Argentine in the last couple of days with reports claiming the midfielder will be allowed to leave Real Madrid in order for Real to recoup some of the money they had spent on acquiring Gareth Bale from Tottenham.

Although the player did come out and say he is going to stay at Real Madrid and fight for his chances, Skysports are claiming he has been asked by Real Madrid to join leave and he will be announced as an Arsenal player as soon as possible. Though on the surface, the Sky sports reports seem to be unrealistic considering it is rare seeing players been forced out of clubs unless they are doing so under financial crisis but if you consider the history of Real Madrid and how they get rid of players, it is very likely.

Hunterlaar, Van Dar Vaart, Sneijder and a host of other players never wanted to leave Real Madrid but ended up been sold cos Madrid needed them sold to financial moves for other “bigger targets”.

With just few hours to the end of the transfer window, it won’t be long before we know if the reports are true or not.


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  1. Please let us always get our facts right and stop all these unwarranted speculations. Arsenal should make to announce a signing and not all these free players. Just see what spurs have done and you will a serious club.

  2. You that is wrote this knows that you can not trust wenger, this season will be his last last if he’s not careful believe me he promised us world class players but simple and easy good player he hasn’t gotten in till now, why not thy close there mouth please can you look around will see just good and average players every where but instead he still gambling till now let’s wait and see who will regret, it nearly happened last season.

  3. I don’t think we need to allow our emotion to override our thinking,I don’t know why all this aggression and abuse is been directed alone to wenger when ivan,dick law and stan are also part of decision maker in AFC,meanwhile we must value what u get before u start demanding for what is not urs,more also,I believe in this set of player and am sure they will deliver and don’t forget that is not about signing but sigNing good player and quality arsen I trust

  4. With all the signing mancity made they still struggled against a newly promoted team,please it is not all about signing,it is all about experience.What if we sign all the best players and still lose or go ahead and carry cups without signing?

  5. That better news. All we need is Özil, Benzema or Michu, Goalkeeper, Draxler (amazing player) and a DM.

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