Breaking News : Benzema Will Move To Arsenal In January – Claims Real Madrid Paper


If you believe pro Madrid news paper Marca, Arsenal may be allowed to sign Real Madrid’s Karim Benzema in the January transfer window. According to the paper, Benzema has been a target for boo boys in the last 3 Real Madrid matches despite scoring 2 goals in 3 matches and should the club find anyone willing to pay the 40 million pounds asking price, he will be allowed to move as they instead to channel the funds to the purchase of either Luiz Suarez or Falcao.

Marca reports Arsenal would have signed Benzema in the last transfer window for 40 million pounds if Real Madrid had succeed in their deadline day attempt to sign Luiz Suarez for the same amount from Liverpool. Marca claims Wenger discussed the possibility of signing the French national team striker when he was discussing the purchase of Ozil from Real Madrid but his offer was rejected as the time was too short for Real Madrid to get a replacement.

Marca who are highly reliable when it comes to Real Madrid’s affairs claims that should Wenger still be interested once the January transfer window opens, Benzema will be allowed to leave.

Real Madrid according to the paper have their eyes fixed on securing the service of either Falcao or Luiz Suarez.

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  1. Benzema has been side stepping Arsenal for a long while now why should we spend 40m on him now he is not on form the goals have dried up he seems lazy its best we make up the money and go for the players MADRID are going for i think we should go for Falcao.
    he is better and we can get back our money for him in the future

  2. Yep why not go for broke get the right man for the goals sign falcao and get the returns in goals and shirts coyg

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