Breaking News : Arsenal Set To Sign Danish Striker

Mads Dohr Thychosen

Arsenal manager Arsenal Wenger is not yet tired of adding to his young squad it seems. According to the reports coming from Denmark this morning, the French man is set to take 16-year-old Danish wonder kid Mads Dohr Thychosen on a 2 weeks long trial. This news was also confirmed by the player’s club Vejle Boldklub.

According to the reports, Arsenal have been monitoring the player for some time and Wenger is said to have been impressed by what Arsenal scouts have told him about the player and wants to have a closer look at him by himself hence he is taking him on trial for the next 2 weeks.

An official statement released by the club’s talent manager reads :

“The stay comes as a follow up on the trip to Verona with Arsenal.”

“They would like to see Mads Døhr Thychosen again to follow him closely, and of course it’s a great tribute to Mads Døhr Thychosen and to Vejle Boldklubs talent work,”

Coming from the same club that produced former Everton star Thomas Gravesen, Thychosen is highly rated in his country and should he sign for Arsenal, he will be expected to help Arsenal reserves team in their pursue of glory in the reserves league.


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