Breaking News : Arsenal Set To Bid £51 Million For World Class Striker

The Star

Arsenal are ready to increase their bid for Luiz Suarez to £51m according to the star ( UK paper ). If true, the bid will break British record of 50 million which Chelsea paid to Liverpool ( sounds familiar? ) to acquire the service of Fernando Torres.

The star’s David Woods who is an Arsenal fan and who seem to be the only person ex Arsenal chairman Peter Hillwood grants interview reports that Arsenal have finally come to terms with the fact that if they must get Luiz Suarez, they will have to increase their current bid of 40 million plus one pound.

It was reported yesterday that Liverpool has ordered Suarez to train on his own instead of with his teammates as they see him ( Suarez ) as a bad influence on the other Liverpool players. Liverpool is reportedly angry over the interview Suarez granted to the Guardian and Telegraph ( both Uk papers ).

It remains to be seen if Arsenal who have never paid more than 16 million for a player will be willing to pay 51 million a striker who will miss the first 6 games of the season. However, it is generally believe that Arsenal will be allowed to sign Luiz Suarez should they increase their bid to anything between 45-50m.

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  1. If it generally believed that Suarez would go for anything between £45m-£50m, why the hell would Arsenal bid £51m – nonsense paper talk.

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