Breaking News : Arsenal Set To Beat Chelsea TO The Signing Of Wayne Rooney

Wayne Rooney

Arsenal are closer to signing Rooney than Chelsea are according to reports. Chelsea were just last week the forerunners for the signature of the English man but due to Manchester United’s reluctance to sell the player to Chelsea who they see as a direct rival for the title, the player may be forced to join Arsenal instead. It is believed United do not see Arsenal as a direct rival to their title aspirations and as such will be more disposed to allowing the striker to join Arsenal instead of Chelsea.

Although Rooney’s wages may be a stumbling block for the gunners as he is on 100k more than Arsenal’s highest ever earner ( Henry ) but if what Gazidis told a section of Arsenal fans earlier this summer are to be believed, the wages won’t be a problem. The South African ( Ivan Gazidis ) was quoted as saying they can afford to pay wages of 200k per week and even more.

Should Rooney join Arsenal, his signing will satisfy the yearning of many Arsenal fans who are desperate to see their team sign a truly world class player that will finally help the team win a laurel after 8 ( going to 9 ) years of not winning a single trophy.

They have already failed in their attempts to sign Gonzalo Higuain from Real Madrid, Luiz Suarez from Liverpool and lately Karim Benzema from Real Madrid.

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  1. We can not trust Ivan Gazidis and Wenger. They are big cheaters.

    All these shits will never happen. All these news are created for cheating fans.

  2. Well,if I may ask,did Wenger n Gazidis scheme up this article 4 publication?or is Arsenal fc all about Wenger?Do we have 2 believe everythin said about Arsenal fc.I feel some articles are designed by d media 2 make impact commercially.The earns shall justify the means come sept 2.

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