Breaking News : Arsenal Moves Closer To Signing A Striker

Arsene Wenger

Arsenal manager is reportedly close to solving Arsenal’s need for another striker as the Frenchman is according to reports half way through to convincing Wayne Rooney to sign for the Gunners. Sportsdirectnews claim Arsenal’s good start to the season has impressed Wayne Rooney who is adamant he does not want to continue plying his team in England with Manchester United.

The English man was reportedly a subject of a 20 million pounds by the gunners in July which was turned down by Manchester United who continue to claim they do not have any interest in selling the striker and if they have to be forced to sell him, not to a rival club. Chelsea also reportedly made 2 offers for Wayne Rooney but both was turned down.

However, few weeks later, Sportsdirectnews claim Wayne Rooney will definitely be leaving in January and Wenger has finally stole the match on Chelsea who are no so keen on the striker again after signing Samuel Eto.


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  1. Good one if Arsenal can get Rooney the team need someone like him and team will be a champion

  2. I am afraid that we will waste our time and chance once again because ManU will never sell him to us or Liverpools Suarez the same then we are back to start point with Giroud alone in squad, it’s to risky, I hope we don’t make same mistake that we have done in summer.

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