Breaking News : Arsenal Coach In Trouble For Betting Offences


Mark Arber academy coach may be in trouble if after investigation, he is found to have broken FA rules on betting by betting on Arsenal signing Mesut Ozil. Arsenal signed Ozil on the very last day of the just concluded summer transfer window in a deal worth 42.5 million pounds.

An Arsenal spoke man have confirmed to sky sports that the coach is been investigated for betting and will be punished if found guilty.

Mark Arber seem to have indicted himself when he tweeted on twitter: “Lovely bit of 14-1 Mesut.”

An Arsenal spokesman said: “All our employees and workers are well aware of their responsibilities in this respect and we are looking into this as a matter of urgency.”

The FA regulations state: “You are not allowed to place a bet on a game or competition in which you have any influence, either direct or indirect.

“The above includes all bets related to the following: Any other events involving your club or other clubs playing in the same league competition (such as next manager markets).”

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