Breaking – Koscielny Agrees Life-Long Arsenal Contract

Arsenal may not have won the Premier League or Champions League for a while now but we still one of the most attractive clubs.

France international and Arsenal Captain Laurent Koscielny has revealed that he wants to finish his career in the Premier League, which has been presumed to be Arsenal,  or his former French club Lorient.

As a former Marseille fan, the centreback was quick to quash any rumours that he could some day play for PSG – their rivals.

“Oh no, I will never live in Paris,” Kos said [via GFFN].

“Nor will I play there! I will finish my career in England or at my old club, at Lorient. I do not see myself in Paris. In terms of the PSG-OM rivalry, because I was a Marseille fan as a kid, but also because I would prefer to live in London than Paris.

“I love London. I remember that when I arrived I was 24. I had never lived in a big town, it was a big step into the unknown and a radical change. But, today, I feel good. My family is happy. People are calmer than in Paris, there is respect. I have everything to be able to enjoy myself as a footballer and I do not know if I would find that anywhere else.”

The 31-year-old plays week in and out at Arsenal and he has assumed the status of a legend at Arsenal. I’ll fancy him to stay with us.



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