Breaking! Arsenal board gives shocking ultimatum to Arsene Wenger

There is alot going on in Arsenal at the moment and we expect to see some changes.

The Arsenal board have warned Arsene Wenger the decision whether he stays or leaves the club does not lie solely in his hands.

Wenger has a two-year contract offer on his table from the Arsenal hierarchy and was thought to be allowed to stay at the club should he chose to.

But the board have now decided the decision will be a mutual one and have told Wenger they expect to be convinced he should remain in charge.

The pressure on Wenger to leave mounted on Tuesday night when his side were thumped 5-1 by Bayern Munich again with fans protesting against the Frenchman before and after the game.

Supporters chanted ‘Wenger Out’ before the Bayern match and held up banners at the Emirates after watching another season collapse.

The Arsenal hierarchy have told Wenger he must prove he can reinvent himself as a manager if he is to stay, according to the Mirror.

Wenger has not decided whether he will step aside, but he is believed to be keen to stay on and continue his 20-year reign as Arsenal boss.

The 67-year-old has not won the Premier League since 2004 and Arsenal are in danger of missing out on a Champions League spot after slipping out of the top four.



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  1. What ultimatum would the board give Mr. Wenger? The poor Prof. is the sacrificial lamb. He’s faithfully served the board all these years albeit angering Arsenal fans across the world in the process. Shame on the board to say they are giving Arsene ultimatum. I am not happy with Wenger because, sometimes, I see him as a coward for not standing up and telling the board, ”buy me Messi or I quit”. Jose Morinho, Guardiolla, Enrique, etc won’t take the managerial responsibility at Arsenal with the current squad unless the board accepts to bring in 2-3 mega million dollar players. Wenger should know what he’s being made to do is unacceptable. We are not spending enough and we can’t achieve the impossible with what we have. Barca achieved the impossible because they spend big. Arsenal couldn’t upstage Bayern because the gods of football would have been sued for treachery. Arsenal should be seen competing favourably with the giants of Europe year-in year-out, but the board have refused to spend reasonably. No coach on planet earth can win what the irate Arsenal fans want to see with the current squad, no way. If Wenger can win, everybody will love him and say let him stay 100 years more. He does deserved to be given more funds to invest in the bigger players and, after 2 years if he fails, then no more contract extension for him. It is painful the results Wenger gives us these days, but the French tactician deserves fair hearing and a better treatment other than total condemnation and ‘quit’ chants which I am involved in.

    1. Claudio Ranieri did it with such a squad. Wenger has never complained of money but having the right players who can improve the squad. I think he should save himself from further embarrasment.

  2. Wenger is not to be blame 100% for arsenal not to win trophies. The players themselves are to be blame because they are not yet ready to win any cup. No players on arsenal team have that passion like the other players on other team in England. You know how many games arsenal players were responsible for their own thumped?What do you want Wenger to do next ?Last season, we asked him to buy world class players which he did by brining Xhaka and Mustefi. So far only Mustefi have done so well for us . Xhaka that cause us enough money what he have done for us . Two red cared in three months. See little Kante what he is doing for the small money the paid for him? Do you want Wenger to play number 9 for us again ?

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