Breaking : Alexis Sanchez agree Arsenal deal

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Alexis Sanchez has told reporters ahead of the Confederations Cup final that he knows where his immediate club future lies, but he can’t disclose the information to the public with the deal not yet complete.

Arsenal has pushed hard to sign Sanchez to a long-term contract, but with just one year left on his deal, the Gunners’ leading scorer has yet to give the public any sign he intends to do so. In the past few days, reports of Sanchez departing for Manchester City have increased significantly, with his former Barcelona manager Pep Guardiola leading the charge.

When asked in his pre-match press conference if he knows where he will be playing next season, he said, “Yes it’s clear but I can’t tell you.”

Sanchez did also contradict that, when asked more specifically about deals at either Arsenal or Manchester City, he responded with, “When [the Confederations Cup] is finished, I will see if I stay or if I go. I don’t know.”

From an objective standpoint, it remains baffling as to why City would continue to spend big money on attacking talent with so much already entrenched at the Etihad and so many holes at the back to fill. Yet they continue to be linked with countless attacking players, with Sanchez now the latest to see his name connected with the cash-infused club.

Similarly, Arsenal will want to keep Sanchez around, considering how vitally important to the squad he has proven. The Chilean played in every single Premier League match last season, and led the club in goalscoring with 24, assisting in 11 others.


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  1. Alexis to my mind, is going nowhere. All we are expecting from the Manager is to addition of more attacking talents to support him.

  2. there is nothing clear in the comment that he ( sanchez ) is staying at ARSENAL, personaly i like him sto stay but not on his terms 320.000 a week? dont ma me laugh,no player on the planet earth is worth that much.let him go players come and players go,and what guarantee there is that we are going to win the league with him around?

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