Bad News – Why Ozil Will Not Sign Arsenal Contract

Arsene Wenger was very active in the past transfer window but there seem to be much work left with the other players.

Mesut Ozil’s contract extension talk have been left pending and reports according to the Mirror have pointed out that the reason for the delay is Brexit.

“As the Mirror points out, the price of the pound compared to the euro has gone from €1.30 to €1.09 since Britain voted to leave the EU, which means Arsenal will have to pay around 17% more towards Ozil’s new (reported) wages.

This doesn’t look good if you look at his compatriot, Toni Kroos, who’s just signed a massive new deal with Real Madrid, which sees him take home £180,000 a week after tax.

Ozil also falls behind most of his Germany teammates as he earns a reported meager £140,000 a week and The Mirror are claiming that, considering he wants a huge wage boost as it is, this means Arsenal will have to fork out even more to keep the playmaker at the club.

Although this does all make sense, Mesut has made it clear that he’s happy at Arsenal numerous times. He doesn’t seem to be the type to be driven by money and although I’m sure he probably does want a pay rise, I’m not sure it’s as much as the reports are trying to suggest.

Of course, I could be wrong. He has 18 months left on his existing contract. Time’s a-ticking.”






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