Bad News – Lucas Perez In The Spotlight

 Arsenal won yet another Premier League game but had only one striker in the squad that beat the Clarets earlier today.

As the teams were announced, Lucas Perez was missing  because of a slight knee problem  but various reports are now claiming that the player was not injured but was dropped from the squad by Wenger. A bit odd you’d say.

There was a conspiracy tweet according to a football columnist with the daily Mirror.



Oliver Giroud is currently nursing a toe injury, while Akpom has a back injury and it would be unthinkable for Wenger to leave Perez out of the game. Perez has done enough to merit a shirt on the bench at least.

Of course, this is not definitive proof, but while I accept that a ‘slight’ injury is often Arsenal-speak for ‘dropped’ there is simply no evidence to suggest that is the case here.

Our players have had records of Setback and it is possible Wenger is being careful with the player who missed training.

Fingers crossed. We’ll get a word on this soon.


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