Bad News For Arsenal As Suarez Apologizes To Liverpool And Resume Training


Shocking news coming out of South American this morning is that Luiz Suarez has apologized to Liverpool and he has been allowed to resume training with his other team mates. It was reported 3 days ago that the erratic striker has decided to apologize to his team mates and stay for one more year at Liverpool which he almost instantly denied.

However, 3 days later, he has now according to many reliable reports resume training with Liverpool after apologizing to all his team mates. Although it is unclear whether he will stay at Liverpool or still want to move after apologizing but it doesn’t sound promising from Arsenal’s point of view.

Arsenal have had 2 bids rejected for the South American and according to reports, the Arsenal board are preparing a bid of 49 million pounds that they believe will be good enough to sign the player.

Personally, I do not trust Suarez and I believe Arsenal is threading on dangerous grounds with his situation. Earlier this summer, he told the media that he wants out of England due to the way the media has treated him only for him to change his mind saying he doesn’t mind playing for Arsenal. Based on this alone, I won’t be surprised if Suarez changes his mind and actually stay at Liverpool at the end of the day.


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  1. This is what was expected. By the way we all know that Wenger was making a kill out this issue through betting. Bullshit.

  2. If suarez’s apology means he is staying a anfield, then wenger should forget about him immediately and sign jackson martinez before another club in need a striker signs him..we are running out of options

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