Bad News – Chamberlain Blasts Wenger Over Comments

To get into the first team of Arsenal, players have to demonstrate a consistent level of form as the squad is very large.

England international and Arsenal winger Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain has subtly replied Wenger after the boss said he lacked confidence which has affect his form.

Chamberlain has left on the bench more often than not for Arsenal this term and he was left out of England squad for the first time under Sam Allardyce.

Chamberlain showed promise during Arsenal’s pre-season games but he has failed to replicate that form, leading Wenger to comment that:”When you look at him, it’s difficult to find anything that he hasn’t got but maybe he doesn’t completely believe in himself as to how good he can be.’

Oxlade-Chamberlain has now responded to the comments in kind.

‘Going back to those comments, do I believe in myself? Yeah, of course I do,’ Oxlade-Chamberlain said. ‘But there’s a lot of external factors in there. How much you play, how you play, all constantly challenging you to doubt yourself.

‘Obviously there are times in your career when people doubt you, you have good form, bad form, get criticised, get bigged up. You go through spells of trying to find out how much to listen to, what to not pay too much attention to.

‘There will be times – and I’d be lying if I said there weren’t times – when I lost a little bit of confidence. But the people around me, close to me, were the ones to tell me that I’d been playing slightly differently, not as confidently as I had been.

‘Then I’d look at my game a bit closer, how I used to play, how I played more positively and there had been times when I looked for more simple options.

“That’s part of developing and learning as a young player, you’re going to have good times and bad times, you have to weather those storms and come out on top.’





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