Bacary Sagna Is Off – Reports


Arsenal seem to be facing a daunting task convincing key defender Bacary Sagna to extend his Arsenal contract beyond this summer but according to the Sun, he is already gone as the Frenchman has disclosed to his teammates that he would be leaving the Emirates at the end of the season when his current contract comes to an end. Here is what the insider revealed.

“Bacary has told some of his team-mates he won’t be staying beyond the summer.“It is a shame as he is popular.”

Interesting development which I found incredulous because Sagna just declared his love for Arsenal. Why would he want to leave when he just affirmed his love for them recently?

“I love Arsenal, I love playing for Arsenal, I love my team,” he is quoted as saying by the Mirror. “Arsenal are the most followed team in France and I remember I used to watch them when I was in France so it was a pleasure to play for them, so why leave?

“It’s great here. It was like a dream when I joined the club because I used to follow Arsenal when I was in France and then I had the opportunity to join them and it’s a pleasure to play for the team.”

Is it a surprise that two different tabloids are peddling two contrastive reports? Sun seems to take the strength of their conviction from the fact that Arsenal seem unable to match the offer Sagna has from Galatasaray and PSG. According to them, Arsenal are only offering a 2 year deal worth 70k per week while the Turkish giants are offering 3 year contract worth 120k per week after tax.

Certainly, they have the better offer but Arsenal have the love and the love for the Gunners which he professed if he really meant his words should make him stick with Arsenal but Arsenal should still show greater resolve to keep him. I believe a demand of 100k per week is outrageous but a compromise of 80-90k could be reached.

But the contract issue should take the back burner for now as all hands must be on deck to ensure Arsenal end the protracted trophy drought this season. If he must leave, let him do it with a winners’ medal round his neck.


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