Arsene Wenger Explains Theo’s Shocking Resurgence

One player that could have passed for the man of the match against Chelsea was Theo Walcott, and Wenger claims the player form is inspired by his desire to get back his place in the Three Lions Squad.

Despite being very experienced, Walcott was omitted from the England squad that played in the European Championship by Roy Hudgson.

However, he has been recalled to the squad by the new boss of the English national team Sam Allardyce, having together a good run of form and scored his third goal in six games during Arsenal’s comprehensive victory over Chelsea.

Arsene Wenger, who has overseen the development of Walcott, believes the 27-year-old is fueled by the disappointment of missing out on England’s summer squad.

‘What was a big blow for him was not to go to the Euros,’ Wenger said.

‘He is a guy with a good assessment of his performances and qualities. I said many times at the start of the season that we would see a different Theo Walcott,’ the Arsenal manager added.

‘Yes, [I spoke with him] about the disappointment of not going with England. He is a special case. He went at 16 to the World Cup. We are now at 2016 and he hasn’t been to another World Cup.

‘He has matured. When a player survives this type of disappointment from what was promised for him at 16, you always feel there is something special in this guy because of the way he deals with the situation.”

‘He is intelligent, Theo. He assesses well his own performances. He is 27, it’s a very important age.

‘I think he used to be 90 per cent forward and 10 per cent defending. Today he is 50-50 — he does the job both ways and he does it both ways with commitment.


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