Arsene Bids £30m For Suarez But Is He Worth The Risk?

Luiz Suarez

So the day has come that so many WOB’s said would never happen. Arsene Wenger has bid £30m for a player. Something the bookmkakers such as coral hinted at when they stopped taking bets on Suarez joining Arsenal but we never took them serious. Not just any player either, it was none other than Liverpool’s Luis Suarez. Yep Arsene has tabled a bid for the racist ( allegedly ), diving, player biting Uruguayan currently at Liverpool. Liverpool rejected the bid instantly but just putting in that kind of offer sent twitter into a bit of a meltdown within minutes. Some are suggesting the bid was far too low others that it was too high for a player who’s going to miss the first 6 games and has a penchant for cannibalism but I’m sure everyone would agree that despite his obvious attitude problems he is one hell of a good striker and is the top quality kind of signing that fans have been screaming for for the past few seasons.

Putting his misdemeanors to one side for the moment and looking at his stats you can clearly see he is a quality player after scoring 30 goals last season and is also capable of setting up goals too making 11 assists. The season before he still scored 17 and set up 10 and that was his first full season for Liverpool. Stats ,he is as close to the complete striker I’ve seen in a long while. He is fast, strong, quality with the ball at his feet, has a great range of passing, has got skill in abundance, he is capable of playing as a lone striker or playing off another striker. His work rate is phenomenal and he has a rocket shot on him too. He is good at set pieces and has technical ability in abundance. The whole package.

The downsides to his game is that he has a bit of a reputation for diving and gets a few cards for his actions too. He’s also got a bit of a mean streak going in very hard on players he feels did him a wrong in a few times. He also is unpredictable, losing it at times and biting Branislav Ivanovic last season is one example which
saw him ending up suspended for 10 games, 6 of which extend into next season. Before that he also hit the headlines for the wrong reasons after making racist remarks towards Patrice Evra which also saw him pick up a suspension this time for 8 games.

Some of you might not feel the same as me on Suarez but In my opinion he is far better than any of the players we’ve been linked with so far this transfer window and also one of the only ones where it’s been confirmed we’ve actually put in a bid. Obviously he comes with baggage and history, lots of it too and it’s pretty well
known that Arsene doesn’t like players who make the papers for the wrong reasons but in this case I’d make an exception. If we are really serious about challenging for the title then we should be aiming for players of Suarez’s class and I’m sure if there’s a manager left in the league who might be able to control and sort out the
little bugger then it’s probably Arsene Wenger.

There might be a few problems other than his on field antics that may hold up any potential deal though. Firstly, Liverpool may not be too keen on strengthening a rival Premier League team. Also price will be a big sticking point. I feel with Suarez currently valued at £37m (according to and perhaps that’s a bit steep for a player who won’t be able to play for 6 games. Also remember Liverpool brought Andy Carroll for £30m for heavens sake so what kind of figure
they’ll want for Suarez is anyones guess. It could be massive but hopefully we can get him for around £35m.

Personally I can’t see this transfer actually happening as there are there way too many deciding factors all of which are stacked against us but with any luck come the end of the transfer window if he is still at Liverpool and really wants a move then we might possibly be able to nab him. If he’s really that unhappy at Liverpool and
wants a fresh start somewhere else surely they’d rather cash in on him than keep him against his will which could affect the moral of the other players and his own performances too.

What do you think? Would you be happy to see Suarez in an Arsenal kit next year? Let me know in the comments.

Johnny Greenwood @Johnny_G86

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