Arsenal’s Vice-President Attacks Stan Kroenke

Lady Bracewell-Smith

Former Arsenal director Lady Bracewell-Smith has yesterday claimed she rejected ever selling her shares to Arsenal’s American majority shareholder Stan Kroenke. Bracewell-Smith, who as of the time of writing this article is still an honorary vice-president at Arsenal sold her stakes to the American in 2011 which alongside the shares of the other share holders then gave the American control of Arsenal.

Lady Bracewell-Smith who has always been very vocal has now for the second time publicly claim she rejects ever selling to the American.

She claimed last December that Kroenke has no passion for Arsenal and following Arsenal’s open day defeat to Aston Villa, she has reiterated her frustration at the American and this she did via her twitter account :

What a shame the board recommended a Kroenke takeover and paid Rothchilds 3m fee. — Nina Bracewell-Smith (@NinaBracewell) August 18, 2013

And how deeply I regret selling to Kroenke. #AFC — Nina Bracewell-Smith (@NinaBracewell) August 18, 2013

Bring David Dein and give Usmanov representation on the board if we are to have success going forward. #AFC — Nina Bracewell-Smith (@NinaBracewell) August 18, 2013

However, few minutes later, respected journalist Amy Lawrence tweeted that Lady Bracewell-Smith’s twitter account was hacked and it was never her who tweeted those stuffs which as far I am concern are all lies. She never denied what she said about the American in the past and there is no how anyone can claim she was not the one who tweeted those damning verdicts on the American. Most likely the club has contacted her and asked her to change her stance.


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