Arsenal’s Fabregas Agreement Frustrates Barca

Cesc-Fabregas-lit-up-the--007Manchester United are reportedly preparing a final bid of £35m plus addons that will push the figure closer to £40m in order to acquire the service of former Arsenal FC captain Cesc Fabregas from Barca. Barcelona money men are however paranoid about accepting any deal for the Spanish international due to a clause Wenger and his negotiators managed to get inserted into Fabregas’ contract when they were selling him to Barca in 2011.

The said clause makes it possible for Arsenal to purchase Cesc Fabregas for as low as £25m. This means if Barca accepts Manchester United’s £35m plus addons bids, Arsenal have the right to buy the midfield maestro for £25m should Fabregas prefer to go to Arsenal.

However, in order to save face after the poor agreement they made with Arsenal, Barca are offering Fabregas the opportunity of buying out his own contract for £48m should he decide to leave. If this happens, it will not only frustrate Manchester United’s chances of signing Fabregas, it will also make it impossible for Arsenal to resign him as they are likely to baulk at the price of £48m.

Personally, I still think Arsenal can easily get Fabregas back if they so wish. Just as easy as buying match Tickets at Ticketbis. There are just too many factors that favour us if we choose to purchase him back.

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