Arsenal Will Not Finish In The Top This Season – Former Liverpool Striker


Arsenal will not be finishing in the top 4 this season if you believe former Liverpool striker Michael Owen. Owen believes Arsenal are not good enough for the title due to the team’s lack of strength in depth and will according to him struggle to finish among the top 4 this season.

Ironically, Arsenal are currently top of the English premier league table after winning 4 games out of the first five games played so far this season. The gunners signed in the last transfer window Mesut Ozil in a 42.5 million pounds deal but this doesn’t convince Owen.

“From the start I had my reservations. They seemed not to be spending but then came up with one big investment right at the end of the transfer window,” Owen wrote in his column for the Daily Telegraph.

“When I look at a squad I see a decent collection of players but not a top-four operation.

From the back: the goalkeeper, Wojciech Szczesny is capable but I would have the keeper of all the other top teams ahead of Arsenal’s.

“In defence, Arsenal are decent, but again none of their back four would make a composite Premier League XI.

“If I look right the way through the Arsenal team, with a view to picking an all-star side from the top six clubs, I would struggle to nominate one Arsenal player. Mesut Ozil is the only one who would have a chance.”

Personally, I think Owen is drunk or just kidding himself. It is funny that he claims he will have other top teams keepers ahead of that of Arsenal and if I understand him correctly, that includes Manchester United’s De Gea.

He even saying he will struggle to nominate one Arsenal player aside Ozil to form a single team using the top 6 EPL teams makes it even more funny.

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  1. There is no doubt that Michael Owen is Arsenalphobic. However such negative cooments should motivate rather than demoralise Arsenal players in their quest for victories and titles. The team needs to prove its critics wrong by performing consistently above expectations!

  2. Owens Opinion is of no consequence really.

    we just need to get down with business focus on results week in week out then we see what happens.

  3. Actually i dont give a shit what Own means he was a dicent player for many years ago but i dont take him serious at a expert that kind of speech we have heard also last year from him and bunch of ” expert” but we finished fourth. This is mind game that they do against Arsenal all the time when was last time we heard them to say something positive about us he says we don’t have dicent player Cazorla is not dicent player Ozil he says maybe Wishear or Ramzey are not even dicent player oookkkk what about club like Liverpool how many dicent player they have where are they in the table. Where is ManU or ManC now are we so lucky ??!!! When was last time Arsenal was lucky????? For me they can go fuck them self or each other and let Us be alone only time will show how is right and who is wrong until that time they can shut the fuck off.

  4. It is always good to have someone to prove wrong at the end of the day. I think it inspires energy. I like to have someone swallow his words at the end of the day.
    Every ex player is a self appointed pundits these days – even permanent crocks like Owen. It will be great to have him eat his words at the end of the day. There is not even a need to argue with him on any point. Let the games keep rolling in and let us see by May.

  5. he better keep his mouth shut do he know that arsenal is no 1 on the table after defeating swansea tonight and leading mu by 8 points after 7 games. talk nonsense and stupid

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