Arsenal vs Tottenham: Complete and Total Annihilation

The moment of the match was Robin van Persie’s delicious equalizer. It was pure class. It was a statement. “Look what we can do.” The Spurs players collectively soiled their shorts as they saw the ball curl in past Friedal’s glove and rippled the net. After that, it did not matter how many midfielders Mr.Twitchy put on. The game was already won.

Even when two-nil down, we weren’t out of it. Redknapp admitted as much. We were still causing them all sorts of problems when we went forward. There was no way we could go  90 minutes without scoring at least one. And if we got one, who knows? The comeback was always on, but it transpired much quicker than anyone would have thought. We scored two beautiful goals.

Sagna’s header was sublime. How he shaped his body and followed through. The bullet-like trajectory of the ball. And how it hit the net. Everything about it was brilliant. I could watch that header over and over and not get bored. Even the passing leading up to it was excellent. Walcott’s flick to find RvP, whose shot hit the post. Gibbs picked up the rebound, and instead of crossing it fed it to Arteta inside the box. It semed we had our whole team waiting inside the box to meet Arteta’s inviting chip. Sagna simply wanted it more than anyone else.

It was game on at 1-2. But there was always the danger that Spurs would park the bus and hold on. Half time was approaching and they would have a chance to regroup. That is why RvP’s goal was so important. It killed any chances of that. It ruined them mentally. And it proved to our players that this wasn’t going to be one of those days where we play well but end up losing. No, this was going to be a day when we were going to try the outrageous and pull it off.

And pull it off we did. So well, in fact, that I can’t help but be disappointed we didn’t push for more after the 5th. I wish we had scored, 6, or 7, or 8, and really humiliated them. But seeing as they came here to hand us a emphatic defeat and end our season, and seeing as they led us 2-0 with just 30 minutes gone, it was embarrassing enough for them, I suppose.

The game really showed the gap that still exists between the two clubs. This is one of the worst Arsenal teams under Wenger, and the best Tottenham team in fifty years. And we beat them in a manner which was footballistically complete. There was no area in which Spurs could compete with us on the pitch. This win really ought to end the talk of any sort of of a “power shift.”



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