Arsenal Transfer Targets : Lars Bender Vs Fellaini Who Should Arsenal Sign

Lars_Bender_03Recent transfer gossip suggests Maroune Fellaini and Lars Bender are the two midfielders Arsenal are highly interested in. Fans should certainly hope to see a top midfilder sign for Arsenal this season, after average performances from inconsistent Aaron Ramsey, injury-prone Tomas Rosicky and Jack Wilshere. Although there is a lot to come from Ramsey and Wilshere, Arsenal needs a top player if they are to challenge for the premier league title. Fellaini and Bender certainly fit the description. These 2 players are odds on to join Arsenal if you believe bookmakers such as who in my own opinion, should know when it comes to player transfers.

Lars Bender, first made an impression playing for 1860 Munich in 2nd division of Bundesliga. Later in 2009, he joined Bayer Leverkusen, where he rose from 4th choice midfielder to one of the most sought after talents in Europe. Basically a holding midfielder, he has the ability to play box to box, a role which Arteta currently plays for arsenal. Scoring 3 goals and 6 assists last season, he has only 1 yellow card in 32 appearances in bundesliga!

Maroune Fellaini, however, seems to be the complete midfielder. Though his preferred position is that of a DM, he has also played in a central as well as attacking role for Everton and also for his national side, a role which Bender wouldn’t play as good as Fellaini does. Scoring 11 goals and 6 assists last season, he has proved he is one of the best midfielders in the premier league. In addition, he could also provide the aggression that has been missing in the Arsenal midfield.

Arsenals current transfer record stands at 15 million pounds (for Arshavin). But Ivan Gazidis recently spoke of improvements in Arsenal’s financial conditions which means additional funds are provided to Wenger. With that in mind, Bender, rated at around 18m pounds and Fellani at around 23m, either of them should be easily affordable.

Now if Wenger is looking for a man to play the DM role allowing Arteta and/or Wilshere to play a central role, Bender would be the perfect signing.

But if Wenger wants a utility player who could also play in an attacking role as per requirement, then Fellaini would be the perfect signing.

It is obvious that Wenger keeps close tabs on players he is interested in. so if the rumors are true and if Wenger really wants a new DM, fans should see a big signing soon! But we also know how much Wenger likes to drag this till the deadline day ( August 31)!

Written by M.A.D


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  1. It is very easy look at last season and how they performed .Arsenal need a physical midfielder( powerful ) like a wall in front of the defensive line ,or we will be an other season wit nothing to show for .Come on Arsenal …………………………..

  2. If he’s hand over cash 4 signings pls bring in fellani he understands english football more

  3. Cum on arsene wenger sign fellani and give arsenal a chance 2 win silverware or else it will b a shit campaign again..

  4. Wenger shld just buy any of this guys b’cos they will both fit in considering there sizes and for the fact that they can both play the DM role..all we need is someone who will cover our bck 4 since we have so many attacking options…hope wenger starts doing deals before good player are being bought by serious football clubs..

  5. Plz buy an experienced goalie , a defensive midfielder (Fellaini) , a backup centre back , and two strikers (Suarez and Higuain )

  6. if arsenal get two midfielder felanie and bender in this year get great result so do it arsenal

  7. Arsenal always goes for every player during a transfer window,this is no longer a secrete that Arsene Wenger has become a professional scout for clubs in europe.Arsene is just doing his normal job(scouting for Felanni,Higuain,William,Lars Bender,Rooney,Jovetic etc)for clubs like Chelsea,Man city,Man utd,Spurs etc buy for this transfer season.

  8. Arsene,Felanni is your man,get that cheque book out before someone else gets there
    first,he’s a great player.

  9. Arsenal play pass and move possession football. However, we need a fast, mobile DM ( not a kick and rush attacking midfield player) –so work it out youself!

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