Arsenal Transfer News : It’s A Question Of Need And Not Want For Wayne Rooney

Arsenal's Marquee signing?
Arsenal’s Marquee signing?

Wayne Rooney. One of the Premier League’s most prolific strikers may be on his way to Arsenal. Could this really happen? According to Chief Executive Ivan Gazidis, the answer is almost certainly, yes.

When asked at yesterday’s Q&A regarding purchasing Wayne Rooney and if Arsenal could afford “£25 million and £200,000 a week” Gazidis triumphantly declared: “Of course we could do that, we could do more than that.”. While also going on to proclaim: “We also have new revenue streams coming on board and all of these things mean we can do some things which would excite you.”.

Those statements are rather exciting for Arsenal fans, however, long suffering Gooners have witnessed Gazidis statements in the past on our financial capabilities and believing his words to be all true would be a foolish misjudgement.

Arsenal fans have a view of how our players represent the club as well as being role models to all those who look up to them. A value deeply instilled by Arsene Wenger himself. When you look at Wayne Rooney, he dosen’t really strike you as a real Gunner. His attitude on and especially off the field dosen’t fit in with the Arsenal ethos.

That being said, as the title suggests, Arsenal Football Club need Rooney rather than just want him. Most Gooners would agree they don’t want that type of person within our organisation, however, Arsenal need a prolific striker, such as Rooney and in this case the need overrules the want.

An attractive motive for Rooney to ply his trade at The Emirates is the fact that he will undoubtedly be able to start in his favoured role as centre forward, the role he has been used sparingly in for the last few seasons at United. Arsenal are one of the few top clubs who could offer him this role on a permanent basis.

The real stumbling block with this proposed deal lies with Rooney’s wage demands. With the player currently on £250,000 a week and with Arsenal’s highest earner on just over £100,000 a week, doubling that seems rather barbaric and could be treated with hostility by fellow Arsenal players.

If Arsenal ‘Big-Wigs’ and Rooney’s representatives can thrash out a deal that would make both parties satisfied, the coup that would be Rooney in an Arsenal jumper could be one of The Gunners greatest signings and the issue of Rooney being Arsenal’s highest paid player by a long mile, would be dead and buried if he can once again live up to his reputation of being a world class player.

The reality is Arsenal need a player of Rooney’s calibre in order to capitalize on every opportunity put in front of them. A player who can turn a loss into a draw and a draw into a win. The man has that ability. The question is does the current United number 10 want to sacrifice pay in order to play week in week out in his favoured position?

When the answer is revealed, we will know who the real man that is Wayne Rooney.


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  1. Rooney is a very good player we should go in for him but we need to buy more competent players

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