Arsenal Tracking Portuguese Striker But Here Is Why He Is A £16m Risk

Ederzito Antonio Macedo LopesIt has recently been reported that Arsenal have leaped ahead of Newcastle united in the race to sign Braga hitman Ederzito Antonio Macedo Lopes or Eder as he is known. The Portuguese striker will be a name many people haven’t heard of but Arsene Wenger has had his eye on him for a while, tracking him for the past few years with Arsenal almost signing him on a free transfer from Portuguese side Academica back in 2011. You might have seen him in the Champions League this season where he impressed in a game against Manchester United putting in a decent performance and setting up Braga’s only goal in the 3-1 defeat by the Premier League champions.

Now I’m no expert on him having only seen him play in a couple of games but he doesn’t look a half bad player. He’s a big strong lad with quite a bit of pace and likes a trick or two. He is good at holding the ball up and is strong enough to hold off a challenge and he has a pretty cracking right foot that saw him score 13 goals in 18 games in the league this season. However he suffered a pretty bad injury to his cruciate ligament in march that saw him undergo surgery and rule him out of the remainder of the season.

It is reported that Arsene is considering bringing him to Arsenal for around the £16 million Braga are holding out for despite him only being valued at around £8-10 million. This is due to his impressive displays over the last two seasons and especially in the Champions league this year that has seen a few teams interested in signing him including Newcastle, Spurs and west ham.

Personally I feel that this signing would be too risky for Arsene purely because that amount of money is too much for a player who’s spent the last 6 months out through injury and has no Premier League experience. He seems like he’s a decent player but after such a bad injury there’s no guarantee that he will be the same player after. There are also better strikers available this year such as Villa, Higuain, Benteke and Rooney that are on our radar so I think we are far more likely to sign someone else. Also with the pressure being on Arsene this year to sign some proven quality to bolster an Arsenal attack that has lacked that killer instinct to finish teams off I cant really see the manager taking that kind of risk in a year that he’s trying to earn himself a new contract.

Johnny Greenwood


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  1. Stop brandishing the shit name called villa! Have you taken time to watch his dismal performances for barca of recent and in particular yesterday which is a confirmation that his footballing days are over? What arsenal need now is a forward playing striker who can take at least 8 out of every 10 chances and not a villa who won’t take 1!

  2. A very contradictory blog. First you said he has no premier league experience and had a bad injury and that is why he’s a risk for Wenger to sign him. Well Higuain, and Villa do not have premier league experience neither and there is no guarantee Benteke will be a prolific goal scorer in his second season in England and as for Rooney there is no way he ‘ll sign for Arsenal nor will Wenger pay Rooney’s salary. No one knew or thought Thiery Henry that was always a substitute at Juventus will be Arsenal’s all time highest goal scorer, and Robert Pires was practically unknown in England before he arrived. Signing big name players doesn’t guarantee success like Sebastian Veron, Chevchenko and Diego Folan.

  3. Your right big names don’t necessarily guarantee success but players like Rooney higuain and villa have played and been successful at the highest level. Ederzito looks good enough pre injury on the face of it to take a punt but not a £16m punt. Especially as he isn’t worth what braga are wanting. He is valued at £8m. They’re just upping the price because of the interest shown by PL teams.

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