Arsenal To Acquire Di Maria, Karim Benzema And Ozil For 100 Million?

angel-di-maria-hairstyle4Real Madrid has told Arsenal they can have Karim Benzema and Angel Di Maria for 60 million pounds according to Daily mirror. Real Madrid are reportedly ready to let go 2 of their biggest stars in order to free up space for the arrival of both Gareth Bale and Luiz Suarez.

Real Madrid have all but signed Gareth Bale who will most likely play in the position Di Maria currently occupies while it is believed Perez has grown tired of Karim Benzema and sees Luiz Suarez as a much more better option. Aside Benzema and Di Maria, Real Madrid are also looking to shift on Ozil who is also interesting the gunners. It is believed that Real Madrid are looking to raise £100m from the sale of the players in order to meet up with the demands of FFP.

The good thing is all 3 players were once players that Wenger was once interested in. Di Maria in particular was close to signing for Arsenal before leaving Benfica. Benzema was reportedly a subject of a bid from Wenger when he was at Lyon and Ozil was also close to signing for Arsenal when he was still playing in the German league.

It remains to be seen if Wenger will be willing to take up this opportunity of a life time.

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  1. this must be some sort of trash. we are increasingly getting infuriated despite having been linked with a plethora of WC players. Of all the speculations and God knows which players interest the Arsene, this is outrageous and close to nothing but tras

  2. Don’t get too exited lad’s,we have heard all this before,when the window closes,i’m expecting,two free transfers,and two or three fifteen year olds,that could make it in five years time, you all know Wengers Promises. “UP THE GUNNERS”.

  3. Gunners faithful have be believer for long but not anymore.WE WANT TO SEE IT THAN WE WILL THAT:our board re weak thats what i believed

  4. Those 3 players wud be ideal but we still need a couple defenders, goalkeeper an a defencive midfielder.. Thers another 60mill

  5. Wenger for who he is will not buy this players if he does arsenal fans will be very happy but Wenger ‘s too greedy.

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