Arsenal Take A Step In The Right Direction As More Dead Woods Are Offloaded

Thanks for the memories but it is time up
Thanks for the memories but it is time up

A giant weight has been lifted off the shoulders of Arsene Wenger. A 10 million pound weight. With Denilson, Sebastien Squillaci and Andrey Arshavin departing, the club stand to save collectively 10 million pounds per annum in wages.

Then 10 million pound question is whether Wenger sticks or twists. Should he use that spare £10 million to strengthen the depleted Arsenal squad or does he, as he does most of the time, save the money so the already unpopular board, Ivan Gazidis and Stan Kroenke can splash around in it?

It’s already a positive showing that the club are releasing these three players, but it’s Wengers responsibility to replace them with classy players who will contribute to the side. Too many times have Arsenal have sold or released players and either not signed anybody or signed players who share the same ability as the players being released. And so the unfortunate cycle continues.

There are quality players out there who could easily fill the wages left from Denilson (beleived to be between £45-£50,000 per week), Squillaci (£60,000 per week) and Arshavin (£85,000 per week). Transfer fees aside, the way to go could be to sign two world class players on £90,000 per week. Another alternative would be to sign one world class player and two solid players who could add depth and quality to the squad.

The next step in turning the squad into absolute quality is to offload the rest of the under performing players. I’m talking about the likes of Chamakh, Djourou, Mannone, Park, Santos and Bendtner. This would easily free up just under 21 million pounds per year. Think of the players Wenger could replace with that money available, as well as the ‘apparent’ £70 million (for transfer fees alone) war chest we keep hearing about.

It’s time for Wenger to get ruthless with players who aren’t up to the Arsenal standard. It’s time Arsenal make a stance on poor quality signings and signal their intent for the future. With the debt of The Emirates close to being paid off, Puma coming in with a £170 million – five year deal and the renewed Emirates deal worth £150 million over another five year period, the money is there to be spent and spent well.

Within the next three years, with all the deals in place and the money Arsenal Football Club have to spend, there can be no excuses as to why The Gunners haven’t signed quality players in order to reinstate their reputation of one of the world’s best.

Let’s hope they can regain their former glory sooner rather than later.



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  1. Wenger needs to try and stop building the EPL version of Barcelona and build a team that can compete physically.

  2. Nice Article. if we are to offload why not let Charmakh, djourouh, Park, santos, mannone, miquel, Frimpong and others and bring in WR, SJ, Higuian, Wanyama, Daime, Alaba, Thiago even fabregas into the team since we have 150 from emirates 170 from puma, 70 the transfer budget, 10 from Squid, Arshvin, Delnison and the fee from the above player to offload. let build a team that will be great as the greatest team the world have ever seen (Invincible). Thanks to Mr Asene who is busy with youngsters, its a good one, with them we wont have any regret of not buying a player like we did for Drogba, Bale , Messi and soon. Keep on with the transfer job we need quality, we want our name to be proclaim again. GUNNERS FOR EVER till am no more. shout out to my fellow fan. wenger go gun us to victory again……………………………………….. we should be 🙂 :):) :):) :):) 🙂 at the end of the season

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