Arsenal Striker Lands In More Trouble

Olivier Giroud

Giroud must have done something to upset the big guns at The Sun as they have come out with another expose chronicling the adventures of Olivier Giroud’s debaucheries. Following up to their previous expose involving model Celia Kay and Giroud, The Sun have found another woman who testifies to have been ca-noodling with the Arsenal striker before the game against City. He struggled to score in that game but if the claims are to be believed, he certainly scored before the game.

And if enough mud hadn’t been thrown about, this new woman also claims that Giroud begged her for a threesome with another Arsenal star. This unnamed woman whose photo can be found on the Sun website told them: “I couldn’t believe it was Giroud at first, even though the messages were coming from his official sites.

“He sent a photo of him flexing his bare chest and in trousers which showed he was clearly aroused. He texted, ‘Hihi keep it for u’”.

“He named the other guy and said it would be a threesome. I was amazed. He was texting his friend who was in another room. I said it was not going to happen. I’m not a prostitute and that is not my thing. He seemed disappointed.”

That is a rather relentless and unforgiving tell-tale by the woman and if I were Giroud, I’d be very scared of the kind of repercussions it could have on my career and marriage life. Giroud has dug himself into a hole here and the only way to salvage something would be to score some actual goals. It won’t be long before the manager can find another striker who scores just as much but without all the off field baggage.

Let us hope that Giroud does well to recover from this, and hopefully there aren’t any more exposes remaining.


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