Arsenal Star Set To Make Injury Comeback


Arsenal and French international midfielder Abou Diaby who has been out with an injury since March 2013 has told those who care to listen that he is not having the thoughts of hanging up his boots despite his bad luck with injuries. The French man talking to the press in France said he is hoping he can make a return back to action before the current football season runs out.

The 27-year-old who is currently working on his rehabilitation in his country France said he never had doubts about the possibility of making a comeback to playing football again even though many Arsenal fans seem to have given up on him fulfilling his very obvious talents.

“I never had such a long break,” Diaby told France Football. “I never had a knee injury and it is really weird. You can feel physically there is something different.

“But I learnt a lot from my injuries. I can keep things in perspective.

“Even now I am very close to the end of my specific work, I keep things in perspective.

“I can master my impatience. I want to be back being strong, very strong and perfectly at ease in my body.

“I work hard without asking questions. I work hard because I know in the end I will play again.

“I am still a high level footballer in my mind, otherwise I would have given up. But I never think to give it up.

“It doesn’t mean I never had difficult moments, but I have always bounced back. Some people experience much more difficult things in their lives. I know my reward will be to have fun playing again.

“I will take stock with Arsenal medical staff early in April, but I hope to resume collective training sessions very soon.

“My priorities? Feeling fine and play again before the end of the season.

“I don’t think I will be scared to play. I trust my body. Nowadays I feel strong, but I know coming back to London I will also have some changes. I am watching closely my diet and recovering periods.”

Although reports earlier this season claim the high rated French man will be out of action till next season with his very little world cup hopes totally ruled out, Diaby hopes he can gatecrash the France world cup party.

“The French team? I have never abandoned the idea to go to the World Cup,” added Diaby.

“I have always kept that in a corner of my mind to go on working. As soon as I will be back on the pitch, everything is possible.”

Tall dream if you ask me. I personally think he should give up the thoughts of making a comeback to football this season and instead concentrate on building up his fitness in readiness for next season. There is no point rushing back to action this season just so he can make the world cup and then suffering another setback. With him getting close to 30, it is probably his last opportunity to comeback to the game and get another contract from Arsenal or put himself in the transfer market.

However, I wish Diaby all the best as he tries to make a comeback from what is likely to be his 365th ( may be more ) injury. He has the talent unfortunately unless a miracle happens ( ala RVP ) and he overcomes his injury woes, those immense talents may not be fulfilled.


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