Arsenal Shouldn’t Forget Their Values, Even After The Big Transfer Kitty

Arsenal squad 2013-2014

This summer is likely be Arsenal’s biggest in recent years, with no notable names departing this summer, except for probably Sagna, but this summer is being seen as a summer of change, when Arsenal can finally run with the big boys in the transfer market.

Arsenal started off in the transfer window by announcing the free transfer of Yaya Sanogo from Auxerre, for a compensation fee of a reported €450,000. It was an archetypical Wenger signing, French, young, blighted by injuries, basically, a rough diamond. It was a signing that said that Wenger wasn’t going to abandon the values that he has instilled in this great club during such a difficult period.

Arsene Wenger has guided Arsenal through a well publicised trophy-less period, where he, along with the board took the decision to move base from the legendary Highbury, to the state-of-the-art, and significantly larger, Emirates Stadium. To do so, he has sacrificed a lot, selling his best players, after making them what they are now, and missing on the players which he had wanted, like Juan Mata, Mario Goetze, etc. But he gained a lot too. His reputation as a great coach was already established when the decision to move to Emirates came, but the impact the players had, whom he had bought as unknown youngsters, made him one of the most demanded coaches of the world, with Wenger having to turn down the likes of Real Madrid, and the French national team.

Arsenal have become famous across the world for breeding unknown talent, and making them truly world class, at whose heart Wenger is. This results in highly rated youngsters all over the world yearning to come to Arsenal, just for the opportunity to work with Wenger, which will surely help them raise their game. Many youngsters like Dan Crowley, Julian Pleguezuelo have joined precisely for this reason.

The reported £70m transfer kitty that Arsene Wenger has to spend this summer, has caused many rumours to surface about Arsenal trying to sign players like Wayne Rooney, which a couple of years would have been impossible, which is hardly a bad thing. But Arsenal should make sure to find the balance between spending crazily, and being tight-fisted. However, Arsenal should not all of a sudden become reckless, doing so will project a negative image of Arsenal, since all the goodwill that Arsenal have built up in the footballing world, is because of the way it is run, even after the emergence of clubs backed by billionaires, providing them access to all players in the world, Messi included. The money that Wenger currently has to spend has been entirely earned by Arsenal; it’s not any injection by Kroenke and I will like it to remain that way.

I am for all spending but I am absolutely against any funds injection from the owners. Let’s spend what we earn.

By Manan Agrawal (Follow me on Twitter at @MananAgrawal1)

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  1. What a load of nonsense.
    Where is the army of talentless players that Wenger (when apparently no other coach could have) turned into world class players.
    Having a good scouting network before other teams did is not the same as finding and developing talent, it is simply getting to talented players first.
    Every big team has developed good scouting networks now.
    The game has changed and winners adapt…

    1. Thats where you are wrong. most of the promising players in the academy are bouht and nurtured, not entirely produced by Arsenal. And nowhere in the article is it written that i am against scounting

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