Arsenal Set To Bid £25million For Real Madrid’s Midfielder

Modric-Real-MadridAfter failing to secure the signature of any quality addition to the current Arsenal team, Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger is now reportedly keen on acquiring the service of former Tottenham’s midfielder, Luka Modric from Real Madrid. Sportsdirect News are reporting that Arsenal are keen on signing the former Tottenham man and are prepared to spending as much as £25million to acquire his services.

Modric who only 2 seasons ago joined Real Madrid is reportedly unsettled at Real Madrid due to lack of playing time and as such he is considering leaving the Spanish capital club. Manchester United were just last week reported to be preparing a £25million bid for the highly rated Croatian but reports this morning have it that Arsenal is set to join the race to sign him. Arsene Wenger is a known admirer of the Croatians as he tried to sign him way before he joined Tottenham.

However, it is important to note that having failed in their bid to sign Argentina’s Gonzalo Higuain from Real Madrid, Arsenal’s not so good relationship with Real Madrid will likely put paid to any potential deal for Modric.

The gunners have so far failed in the pursuit of Rooney, Higuain, Fellaini, Bender and many others and are now looking to save face.

Do you think Arsenal actually need Modric?

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    1. I agree, and this report is more speculative tripe we’ve been fed in various media outlets including this one. We were told here that Higuain, Fellaini, Fabregas, Suarez and Barnard were all on the way to Arsenal, but as usual it was only sensationalist speculation. I’m pissed off with all this false info and more pissed off with Wenger who continues to do nothing to improve our squad. Wenger has to go now.

  1. They are not up to saving any face, which face, Wenger has no face to save. My dear this is just another game. I am starting to think that each time a player is connected to Arsenal FC as being wanted, some people are cashing in through betting and we can’t rule out Wenger and his Board. Mind you, they already know the answers.

    My fellow fans, I think we should be ready for a league 1 football one day.

  2. WHY gunners when they are bidding it will end just in talking like that ,but others do the same to gunners players and they get what the want . i think gunners lack ambitous moves .

  3. We are tired of all these speculation,make a signings and we wil believe that we ar truly serious this season

  4. definitely not wanger is just playing game to the fans. but wenger should know that even the money is using for buying a breads is belong to the fans. because even the salary is getting that’s belong to the fans. moving from one player to another not knowing that is going to die and leave this money here. do you thing you will go with it to heaven. why don’t you buy a trophy direct then.

  5. Why dont they just say the truth they not interested in buying anybody because they happy to struggle on with what they’ve got stop lying to us for once tell the fans the truth were sick of the lies

  6. Haf lof these names I Arsenal hav bee linked with t have decied the pric was too high. Iit is Arsenal who have not failed they ahe decided not to pursue, big difference. The oher half the only nterest by Arenal has been in the imaginaton of the Media!!

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