Arsenal Paid To Much For Ozil – Former Arsenal Player


Invincibles goalkeeper Jens Lehmann has admitted Arsenal paid too much for Mesut Özil but blamed it on the price Real Madrid paid for Gareth Bale.

The Gunners completely smashed their transfer record to sign the German and it looks to have been a good acquisition so far with four assists in three games. His arrival has lifted the entire club but Jens still feels the club paid over the odds.

“In all honesty, Arsenal paid too much for Mesut Özil, but that’s because Gareth Bale went to Real Madrid for so much more money. Nobody is worth that much.”

However, ‘Crazy’ Jens believes the Gunners did the better business out of the two deals.

“The Özil deal was much better. I don’t see a €50 million difference between the two players. That’s how that market works when a club like Real Madrid loses the plot.”

“Arsenal are profiting from Özil’s level of game and performance and his success is not a surprise to me. Wenger did not fail and, given time, he demonstrated a great success in the market.”

Only time will tell how much of an impact Özil will have over the season but the early signs looks promising for the Gunners.


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  1. Wat is Leyman problem about Ozil signin, is he try to discourage him by tellin board nd fans dat dey paid too much on Ozil, tell us if u re comin back to play for arsenal

  2. Don’t worry nobody has control on market today even hard nail like Wenger today prices is high because there is not to many top top player and because clubs has no time to wait young player become top player look at young gunners now they are good but not thet good then u want Mata then u have pay the price for his impact and Ozil is one of them Jens is right but today clubs are crazy and ask as much as they can and u pay because u are needy and can not wait,same us, can we wait for Bentner become good striker? No then we have have to pay 40 or 50 million for good one and Wenger know that not necessary because he like it but he has to.

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