Arsenal Owner Reveals The Real Season Arsenal Didn’t Sign Luis Suarez


In a rare interview, Arsenal’s majority shareholder Stan Kroenke has revealed Arsenal actually wanted to sign Liverpool’s Luiz Suarez during the just concluded transfer window but he also stated the Uruguayan was always unlikely to leave Liverpool for Arsenal.

The American claimed it was a matter of Liverpool refusing to sell the player to a rival club at any price.

“Look, Arsene (Wenger) had a view, our team had a view, they had a view and their view was, he wasn’t going anywhere,” Kroenke told the Daily Telegraph.

“I never saw them waver from it. I guess at some level there is a number that gets anybody out of anywhere but there was nothing within the realm of what we knew about that could have got him out of there.”

With Silent Stan’s statement, it is obvious Arsenal’s bid for the Uruguayan was not meant to deceive the fans as some Arsenal fans would want you to be believe. However, I find it weird that Arsenal officials knew they have no chance of signing Suarez yet wasted so much time on trying to sign him.

A club of Arsenal’s caliber is expected to have seasoned professionals who must be aware of the true situation of things in regards to Suarez. It is obvious the main reason why we didn’t sign the player is that Wenger and his men were wrongly advised advised as the clause they so relied upon never actually existed.

However, with Rodgers recently claiming the return of Suarez back to the team is the return of a 50-60 million pounds player, it seems to me that Liverpool will consider selling the Uruguayan should a bid of anything between 50-60 million be made for his services and with Real Madrid no longer interested, I will not be surprised if we finally land the Uruguayan in January.

It all depends on if Wenger still wants him it seems.

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