Arsenal Fans Troll Gazidis’ Wikipedia Page


It’s clear Ivan Gazidis isn’t a popular figure at the Emirates Stadium. The Arsenal chief executive stated the club would spend big this summer but have failed to spend a single penny. Gazidis is believed to have a key say in transfers and the running of the club, something the Arsenal fans are not happy about.

They voiced their concerns after the 3-1 defeat to Aston Villa and also put their worries in to a lengthy letter address to Gazidis himself about the poor state of the club and board. It seems they haven’t stopped there as Gazidis’ Wikipedia page has been edited to say ‘Contributions to Arsenal Football Club: Nothing’.

Ivan Gazidis

Gunners fans have had about enough of the Arsenal board. Stan Kroenke and Gazidis are both public enemy number one in their eyes and they want both gone. The running of the club has gradually gotten worse. Promises are made every season however these are always broken. The fans pay the highest prices in the Premier League but have nothing to show for it.

The board doesn’t seem to care about the club and Wenger can only do as much as the board will allow him too. Of course fans have also turned on Wenger, which can only show how bad of a state the club is in, and it could all be about to get even worse.

They have a crucial Champions League play-off against Fenerbahce and if things don’t go to plan, the protests against Gazidis and the board could get even more extreme. If no major signings are made then the fans will continue to get more irate and the clubs season could be over before it’s even started.

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