Arsenal Fans’ Group Writes Open Letter To Arsenal’s CEO Ivan Gazidis


Ivan Gazidis, chief executive of Arsenal, has received a letter from a group of Arsenal fans who have shown a ‘deep concern’ with the state of the club. The Black Scarf Movement felt action was needed following the clubs 3-1 defeat to Aston Villa on the Premier League on the opening day.

The letter is addressed to Gazidis and points out the poor summer and questions the board, their roles and Arsene Wenger. They claim to support the manager but not his transfer regimes. The letter in full is below

Dear Ivan,

We write to you as Arsenal’s largest and fastest-growing supporters’ group, to convey our deep concern at the current state of our team going into the new season.

In early June, around season ticket renewal time, you were widely quoted following your Q&A event where you spoke about the club’s new financial firepower and ambition moving forward. Many fans saw this as the club finally about to break free from the shackles of moving stadium; new commercial deals were coming into place, we had a vast amount of cash available in the bank, profit from the Queensland Road property project was secured, the vast increase in TV revenue was about to land on our doorstep, and after treading water since moving from Highbury it seemed as if we were finally going to push on.

What has happened since then is nothing short of a disgrace.

There have been noises coming out of the club over the summer that the market was slow, that other clubs weren’t doing much, and that things take time if you’re after top-quality players. We feel all of these were poor excuses, designed to deflect focus away from our shortcomings.

The only positive of the summer has been the release of many players who were generally considered ‘dead wood’ – and naturally this frees up more cash for investment in the team. But with the departure of these players, virtually no movement has come in the opposite direction and we’re now left with a squad severely lacking in depth and experience. Indeed, the squad registered for the Champions League in the last week had to be padded out with kids.

As a group we have been concerned for some time that the Board running our club has lost sight of the raison d’etre – i.e. we are Arsenal Football Club; not a business purely focused on posting profits year after year.

You will have seen the results of our end-of-season survey, which came out in favour of Arsene Wenger but with 70 per cent stating that he has too much control over transfer negotiations and setting of wage levels at the club. The same survey revealed that 87% of fans feel the current board of Arsenal is out of touch with the feeling among fans and that 73% feel less valued by the club since we moved stadium.

It is our view as a group that the board of Arsenal is too relaxed about the competitiveness of our team, and that as long as a top-four place is secured, it is a case of ‘job done’. This should never be the case but, despite hearing you say you’re not happy every time we end a season with nothing to really cheer about, nothing changes.

So in June following your statement of intent, fans were rightly hopeful but what has happened since then? Yet again we’ve spent the summer dithering while others around us have strengthened, and once more we start the season playing catch-up. With five competitive matches due before the transfer window closes, there is every chance that our season could be dealt a hammer blow before we’ve had a chance to take stock, and this weekend’s defeat at home to Aston Villa should act as a huge wake-up call.

We are now in a situation where we’re faced with a carbon copy of 2011, where it took an 8-2 humiliation at Manchester United to force a ‘trolley dash’ on the final day of the transfer window. Of course by then it was too late. For Arsenal to be in that situation once is unacceptable; for it to happen twice in three years will be unforgivable.

It is imperative that the board of Arsenal does its job and manages the Manager – an employee of the club you are supposed to be running. What are Arsene Wenger’s targets / KPIs set by the Board every year? Is the he not even answerable to the board, with free rein to do as he pleases as long as he helps the business achieve a profit? Is he having to do all the running himself when it comes to transfers or if support is there, is he taking it? Clarity is required here because something clearly isn’t right at the club when it comes to the acquisition of new players.

You put all the focus on the Arsene Wenger yourself at that Q&A session in June, but to fans there is little evidence of questions being asked of him; this despite approaching the end of the transfer window with no sign of needed, established quality coming in. Does the board feel that it’s been a good summer? Because we’ve now lost our opening game of the season, our squad is already blitzed by injury, once more today there were fans coming to blows in the stands. As a board member, does this even bother you?

Of course if we used the funds we do have available, brought in top-quality players and competed for prizes, in would come better commercial deals, you wouldn’t have as much trouble trying to get corporate punters back into the stadium, and naturally the more successful we are it becomes easier to attract better players. Or is the board too shortsighted to realise this?

A competitive team isn’t one, which scrapes the position of fourth-best team in the league on the final day of the season and gets dumped out of domestic cup competitions by lower-league opposition; you need to realise that most fans are aware of this fact. They’re not duped by finishing in a position, which may result in us playing in the Champions League. So what, if the cash from that competition is simply banked and never sees the light of day?

It should be noted that as long-term fans of The Arsenal we’ve seen plenty of lean times and poor teams over the years. Silverware isn’t the be-all and end-all; we follow this club out of pure love and will always do so. However, loyal match going fans continue to walk away from the Emirates Stadium, unwilling to part with their hard-earned cash when they feel let down and lied to by our board. We pay the highest ticket prices in football after being sold a dream, but it’s always a case of ‘jam tomorrow’ and many have seen through the spin.

Enough is enough.

If the board is actually intent on making Arsenal a successful force in football once again, changes have to be made. Arsene Wenger should have experienced, qualified support to help bring in top-quality players, and he needs to be managed effectively if the right business isn’t being done.

Or if the board is simply intent on milking the Arsenal brand for all its worth to the detriment of the team (but to the benefit of our bank account), season-ticket prices at Emirates Stadium should be reduced accordingly. Our loyal fans should no longer have to bear the burden after doing so for many years.

Make no mistake; if there is not significant improvement in our playing squad over the next couple of weeks, the rapidly growing anger in the stands will become difficult to overturn. There hasn’t been a poisonous atmosphere like this at Arsenal for over 30 years and the board has simply stood by, while things have gone from bad to worse. I am sure you appreciate, this can no longer happen.

We look forward to your response in due course.

Yours faithfully,

Where Has Our Arsenal Gone (the Black Scarf Movement).

Whether Gazidis will reply or action is taken is uncertain but what is certain is that Arsenal fans have clearly had enough and they have made their feelings heard.

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  1. That’s a very good letter, stating all the relevant points that most fans, if not all are feeling. One thing I think should have been added to the letter is a deadline for either a response or for positive action to be seen to be taken by Gazidis and the Board. It is clear what what we have already seen that Arsenal Board do not see the plight of Arsenal in the same light as the fans do and so more organised pressure needs to be exerted in the direction of the Board before anything can change.

    I feel that the Board want to take the time in executing whatever plan they may have. Maybe eventually we will see some quality players coming into Arsenal, but when will that be? It could be that by the time they are ready to take real action the whole situation has changed and other teams we are looking to overhaul have become even stronger. You also cant ignore the damage being done by fans turning against each other. This can not be helpful to the club and the playing team on the pitch.

    The Black Scarf, if they have not already done so need to sit down and agree a plan of action including a timescale when they must demand that the Arsenal Board give a response. I am sure it has not escaped all Arsenal fans that we are the real power within Arsenal FC, but what is power if we do not use it and use it in the correct manner is what we should be doing before matters get even worse!!

    Finally I like that fact that Wenger is not the main target of the letter, because when all is said and done, he is just an employee and the Board must always take responsibility to dealing with him if he is falling short in one way or another. The fact that no action seems to be taken against him by the Board, makes me think that the Board are culpable for the struggles of Arsenal in recent years and whats more is they know full well that they are..!!!

  2. We always seem to get it wrong – assuming Wenger is not to blame. But folks, he is a key part of the problem and in no way the solution. His defensive tactics are the worse in the premier league. Villa said they will outscore Arsenal, and they did. When we unleashed the so called “new animal” last season we went on a strong unbeaten run to land us 4th place. That new animal was Bould’ stronger defensive know how. If wenger does not get his own way he will not want to stay.

    Then the thorny issue about transfers. Wenger/ Gazidis and Kroenke are welded together – it is a grand ploy by the three of them. Gazidis fooled you once again to buy your season tickets.

    The open letter is a waste of time as Arsenal management has received open letters before. What money men need is a good solid boycott of all Arsenal commodities including boycotting the emirates.If the business is not a viable money making venture, these bunch of criminals will leave. But the fanbase are not united enough to organise anything close to a boycott, and this is why they laugh at us.

  3. It has been confirmed from a reliable source that Wenger is a big time FOOTBALL GAMBLER. Are you guys surprised with what he and Gazids have been doing with the team for years now? He has been gambling millions each year with the team. The bet on ground now according to the source is not to buy any player but use these set of boys to achieve top 4 spot. It was the same bet he did some years back when Man United trashed us 8-2, he rushed to buy players and he lost millions on that bet. Now he wants to win that money back by betting same this season. I hope it backfires this time on his face again. He should be investigated for match fixing too.

  4. Well that is true with all respect I support Arsenal with a pure heart but my hatred for the board and the manager still remains the time is right for a change only in arsene wenger we will RUST God please save our beloved Arsenal

  5. Wenger Must go now! Arsenal fans in London u guys are fools! How can u allow one man from France toying with u happiness. We Arsenal fans in Africa are nt happy with u guys bcos u are nt proactive rather u are writing LOVE LETTERS. TAKE ACTIONS! See SPURS will over take us as Chelsea did.

  6. Nobody in the board cares about this letter because Arsenal is the only one club in the world care least about fans. Arsenal club is really cheating fans. Arsenal club and manager knows how to cheat their fans effectively.

    Arsenal is not a football club now, Arsenal is a organization looking only for profit.

  7. This letter is very good, but should have been written when we lost Higuan. It is a little belated because the only saving grace we have now to land a big player is a win away in our Champions League first leg pay- off. The next thing is for our London fans to boycott Emirates. With this, Wenger and his heartless Board will be made to pay for their greed.

  8. Gud letter, but i tink u guys in london nid 2 do more. protest b4 matches, boycotts n even protest during. its tym d take of more criosly, we have suferd in silence 4 far 2 long.

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