Arsenal Are Running Out Of Time In The Transfer Window – A Chelsea Fan’s Unbiased Opinion

Arsenal squad 2013-2014

Today, we welcome Ifeanyi Ohaka as a guest blogger to the blog. Ifeanyi Ohaka Is a Chelsea fan from Nigeria but after reading is article, I found it difficult to disagree.

The transfer window might still be open but Arsenal are clearly running out of players to sign. They have been linked with too many players from Jovetic to Fellani, from Higuain to Rooney and now Suarez but the truth is they are not even close to signing any of them. They need to bring in quality players to improve their average squad. Truly their squad is average, they are at least 5 quality players away from been real genuine title contenders, right now their squad is too thin for them to challenge for trophies. They are only top four contenders and if they keep up their low activity in the transfer market, they will lose that place to other teams ( Spurs and Liverpool silently doing the right businesses in the market so far). Wenger made it clear that a top four finish is as good as a trophy (not everyone agrees with that) and to me, it is the mentality that is killing the club.

They are out of excuses for their fans and their fans are rightly getting impatient. Their season ticket is one of the most expensive in Europe, yet as the fans are loyal, they keep buying the tickets and attending matches but for how long? Many will not accept it for a fact, but most football fans will not keep attending matches if their teams are not winning and if the old ones keep attending matches, new fans will not come in as nothing attracts them. Signing players like Squillaci doesn’t do so much to your fan base but signing players like Rooney does. Real Madrid keeps increasing their fan base every season not because they keep winning ( at least not in recent time ) but because they keep signing big players and let’s face it, most young football fans are glory seekers, you need to win before they support you and guess what? The more fans you have, the more money you make from sponsors.

The club needs to give their fans hope again and make them believe by first getting quality players and show the fans they want to move forward. They need to change their philosophy which clearly isn’t getting them anywhere. They sell quality and replace it with mediocrity, and if they continue in this tread, the will become a Liverpool before they know it. It is understandable that the stadium the club built had an impact in it activities in the transfer market however, it is also important to note that the club took a long term loan with only 17m repayable to the bank every year for 17 years. What this means is that the club can afford to repay the bank and still buy players in the market without going bust. For instance, they could have bought Mata for 16m but kept delaying things till date for the release clause ended and Chelsea came in.

As a Chelsea fan, I am happy we got Mata but I know for sure if Arsenal had done things faster, we would never have had a chance. In the same window or the one after, Arsenal had the chance of signing Varane, but dragged things till Madrid came in. What more? They could have signed Hazard for 16 million but chose to wait one more year. All the 3 players I have mentioned were well within Arsenal’s budget both in terms of transfer fee and wages and would have massively improved them but the club’s antics made them lose out. They knew Cesc will leave in the same window is what makes it worst.

Arsenal needs to improve their negotiating methods if not, things are not going to change. To me, it all starts from the negotiation, there are not many clubs in Europe better than Arsenal when it comes to spotting talents but Arsenal only does her own for other teams and unless they are more decisive ( note that I have not said throw money that they don’t have at players, and no, I am not an hypocrite, I do not support recklessness even though I am a Chelsea fan but discussion for another day ), the status quo will sadly remain the same for Arsenal.

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  1. From a Chelsea fan it’s an excellent truthful article on my beloved Arsenal. When Wenger said those dreaded and usual words during the week that every Gooner loves to hear “We’re trying but are nowhere near to signing anyone” i’m guessing that we’ll be signing sweet F.A …….

    If I turn out to be right as I suspect I will be knowing Wenger of old, I don’t think we should sign him for another 8 years of misery let’s sign a manager who won’t be afraid to strengthen the team where needed one who would give us back our dignity again, but there again I hope that A.W proves me and other doubters wrong but ?????????????

  2. I am Henry a gooner from Nigeria, we share similar opinions and Arsenal FC is fast losing its fan base in Nigeria to Manure and Chelshit.

  3. Though its not compulsory supporting a club but I made mistake in chosing Arsenal fc. I came 2 supportin Arsenal during the old glory days but never new it will peter out so soon

  4. let Wenger read this otherwise we r tired of losing trophies and i believe all the blame will be on him since he has all the money to spend on new signings.Later on all the supporters will lose faith in him

  5. And who really cares about the opinion of a glory hunting Chelsea fan who probably never knows who Matthew Harding was ?. I am an Arsenal season ticket holder and whilst I am not happy with the way things are, I cannot blame Arsene Wenger if he is in the same market with the Chelsea’s,Man Citys, PSGs etc of this world. These clubs have vast amount of resources to call on and even if Arsenal tries to match them, there is no guarantees the results would be different. Man City are happy to pay £28m for a guy whose aim is to score 15 to 20 goals next season because they can afford to buy more back up, what’s the point in Arsenal buying such a guy when Giroud scored same goals and he cost just over 10m ?.

    1. I agree with the Chelsea fan. We could have had Mata, Cahill etc but of course AW preferred to “wait”. He was waiting to see if he could drive the price down. He should have nothing to do with transfers. SAF just identified a player he wanted, he was not worried about the price, that was up to the Board to sign the players. Same should happen at Arsenal except we have an inept Board and an even more inept Manager

  6. you better join arsenal because it seems you know their problems,solve your own first before others own,you wrote too much.

  7. Am an Arsenal fan from Nigeria i share the same opinion with the guy (ifeanyi) honestly AFC do not have a new fan again except those that have been suporting since our glory days, what a fans want is a trophy nobody celebrate Top four4, and there is no any fan that will be waiting to receive a dime from the board as a compensation from the amount realise from a player sold or top 4 finish what we need is give us trophy, we all know how chelsea fans are celebrating when they win UCL last 2 season ago.

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