Arsenal Agrees To Sign Daniele De Rossi From As Roma – Reports


If reports coming from the social media and from people who are in the know are anything to believed, Arsenal has agreed a deal that will see As Roma’s Daniele De Rossi play for us next season. Daniele De Rossi 30, was reportedly close to joining Chelsea earlier this summer unfortunately nothing came out of it but it now seems Arsenal has stolen the march on chelsea.

The Italian is a defensive midfielder and if signed, he will be contesting for the defensive midfield role with another 30 year old, Arteta.

Although getting someone in to help Arteta in the defensive midfield role will be great but I do not appreciate the fact that we are bringing in a 30 year old player who will be of no use to us in the next 2 years.

Plus the fact that he is coming from the Italian league doesn’t fill me with confidence especially when you consider the fact that he is a 30 and at his age, coping with the required speed in the EPL may be a tall order.

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  1. I know he is 30, but he is one of those players like Pirlo and Giggs who will be playing for at least another 4 years at the top. Would be the best possible man to steady the Arsenal ship. For me he is another level above our players and that will rub of and improve us.

  2. We have been hearing this agreement since the beginning of this season nd up till nw they vent sign even single apart from the free transfer sanogo, its a shame for 4th richest club in the world to be seen as academy, imagine the club that is 5th world highest fans they re disgracing the fans each time they go to stadium or watch in viewing center what a pity. Arsene wenger we nigerian fans re tired of you nd the board

  3. Couldn’t disagree with you more steve. You obviously don’t watch Italian football (FIFA doesn’t count) he has a huge sciatica problem that’s been effecting him for years. So splurting out giggs and pirlo without a condom is just asking for a bun in the oven!

  4. don’t mind those guys that complain allot about players’ age. If Arsenal goes for a player that’s under 20 they will complain, if they go for a player in the neighbourhood of 29-30 they will also complain, The Rosi is that kind of player that can bring the very illusive experience which AFC dearly needs, moreover, Italian players seem more efficient at their old age.

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