Alex Song To Leave Barca – A Return To Arsenal?

f_c_barcelona_alex_songAll that is glitters isn’t gold is the common saying but Alex Song must be having a practical explanation of the witty saying. According to Spanish publication AS, the Cameroonian midfielder is looking to leave BArca after falling seriously down the pecking order. When he left Arsenal, he proudly thumped his chest that he was leaving trophyless Arsenal to join trophy laden Barcelona but just in the second season, he is already fed up with life at the Nou Camp. Is he already tired of winning trophies just after one season?

Is the glory of winning one La Liga and a Spanish Super Cup enough to quench the protracted thirst of many years of trophylessness? It is shocking to me that Song even considered a switch to Nou Camp in the first place. Only fools gladly thread on terrains angels feared to. If Yaya Toure who is a far more complete midfielder couldn’t wrestle the defensive midfield position from Sergio Busquets, what made Song think he could? Even Mascherano, a daredevil defensive midfielder in the Premier League had to make do with a place in the heart of defence just because Busquets was untouchable

Now that he is very surplus to requirement at Barcelona, he wants to return to his vomit (Arsenal). The fact that Wenger is willing to take back Fabregas and we got Flamini doesn’t mean the same grace will be extended to Song. Fabregas and Flamini left Arsenal but never burnt the bridge with their unguarded statements and that made a return possible for Flamini and was also available for free but in Song’s case, he burnt the bridge and will certainly not be coming for free because he still has a contract. The euphoria of his unveiling made him lose touch with decency.

Another reason why he can never be welcomed at Arsenal again is the fact that we are already spoilt for choice in his position. It was the exit of Flamini that gave him a route into the side but now that the lynchpin himself is back, no space for Song. For Song’s role, we already have Flamini, Arteta and Ramsey that play it well and judging on present form, he can’t bench any of them. After rusting off at Barcelona, it would require some time to nurse him back to footballing health and that luxury, we cannot afford.

Besides, his return would be inimical to the progress of the team. Song will expect to walk straight back into the team and should that happens, what becomes the fate of Ramsey, a player that has persevered and is now playing the best football of his career for us.

Dear Mr. Song, you cannot eat your cake and have it. I expected that you would have learnt from the fall of Hleb who after facing the ignominy of the bench, declared getting to UEFA Champions League quarter-finals with Arsenal was worth more than winning the trophy with Barcelona but no, he decided to have a firsthand taste of it. Leaving Barcelona is the best for his career but a return to the Emirates isn’t the best for Arsenal. He should try Spurs, they might just be interested and also have money to waste.

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  1. He will always be welcomed. That is why Wenger has not spent much for that position knowing fully well hat he will not last 2 years at Barca.

  2. I thought from reading articles at the time of his departure that he wanted an improved contract and instead he was sold.

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