Aaron Ramsey Reveals Shocking Mesut Ozil & Arsene Wenger’s Relationship

Arsenal’s current form will not be talked about this season without fingering Mesut Ozil and a few others that have stood out beginning this season.

Arsenal star midfielder Aaron Ramsey has revealed Mesut Ozil has found favour with Arsene Wenger and is currently the biggest suck-up at Arsenal.


Since moving from Real Madrid in the summer of 2013, this season has seen the Germany international in the best of his elements and he has earned so much plaudits from fans and pundits.

But, aside from racking up assists and weighing in with his fair share of goals this season, it seems he’s left an impression on his fellow Gunners stars for another reason.

Speaking to Soccer AM, Ramsey has revealed Ozil shares a special relationship with Arsene Wenger.

“Mesut, he’s probably the teacher’s pet,” the Wales international said.

“He gets a few extra days off than the rest of us.

“He’s always in the boss’ room asking for something or whatever, but yes he seems to get it.”

Given his recent exploits though, few could begrudge Wenger for rewarding Ozil.

He has gone from the assist maker in Arsenal to the goal scorer – he has scored eight goals in all competitions this term.



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