Aaron Ramsey Likened To Zidane And His Incredible Stats Confirm That

Likened to the legend
Likened to the legend
When a player is playing well, chances are that he will be likened to stars and legends. Ramsey is the man on fire and am not surprised he has been getting rave reviews. The latest been his comparison with French and Real Madrid legend Zinedine Zidane

Alan Hansen declared on the show after Arsenal’s game against Norwich ‘This was like [Zinedine] Zidane’.

Ramsey’s stats this season has been superb to say the least. Consider them:

In eight matches and 652 Premier League minutes, Ramsey has completed 87% of his 556 total passes, wins 83% of his 40 tackles, has intercepted 11 times, blocked three times and cleared the ball on five occasions. Ramsey has scored five, assisted thrice and created 11 chances.

That’s one goal scored or created once every 81 minutes and one chance created every 59 minutes. Oh, he scored four in Europe, too.

Despite the visible and impressive stats, it is a bit over the top to liken him to Zidane. The Frenchman was a three-time World Player of the Year, a former Champions League winner, World Cup winner and European Championship winner as against Ramsey that hasn’t achieved any of those things. Well, Ramsey still has time on his hands. He is just 23 and if he is playing this well at the seemingly tender age, then the best is yet to come and he can go on to even eclipse the Frenchman.

But he needs to keep his feet on the ground and not carried away by his good performances so far. An argument that he has done well against minnows would show up, the more reason why he needs to show his stuff in the big matches and against Arsenal’s title rivals. Goals against Chelsea, City, United and Liverpool will have people taking him more seriously.

That notwithstanding, he was a bit zidanesque yesterday with his superb turn between two defenders and also the way he scored the goal. He showed superb control, confidence and exquisite finish. It is good to know that he recently signed a new long term deal with Arsenal so no need to fray over any moneybag trying to lure him away in the summer. I won’t be surprised if they come but as against other seasons, Arsenal have upper hand in any negotiation.

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