£50million bid accepted? R. Mahrez announcement imminent

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Arsenal are unwilling to meet Leicester’s £50million valuation for RIYAD MAHREZ, according to the Daily Mail, “leaving the Foxes player in limbo on the eve of pre-season.”  So Mahrez returns to training, which must be deeply troublesome for the millionaire.

But in much of the Commentariat Mahrez is the man typed out by many an itchy finger – the last piece in the jigsaw and all that so there is a lot of confidence that THIS IS IT.

Arsenal do have time on their side now – although there is an attraction in tying up the big three deals before most of the other clubs have woken up – and if it happens the Commentariat will be out there with all the mistakes Arsenal have made because they “rushed” this season’s transfers, while the rest of the clubs took a more measured view.  If we had waited, we will be told, we could have got the same players at bargain prices and “strengthened the squad”.

Also look out for the phrase “panic buying” at the sign of the first home draw.

But suppose it is not Mahrez.  Then we will see “Wenger’s grand plan in tatters as the jigsaw falls apart” or some other bundle of mixed metaphors.

Still there are some other buys on the charts at the moment and here they are.


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