4 Reasons Why Arsenal Have A Chance Of Resigning Fabregas


Ever since the season ended and the gunners finished 4th, there have been so many rumours linking Arsenal with several players. It even became intense when Arsenal’s chief Executive came out to say Wenger has money to spend and that they will definitely be spending big this time around. From Rooney to Higuain, to Jovetic to Fellaini and former captain Cesc Fabregas, the rumours do not seem to be abating.

Many gooners who I have talked to will definitely like to have Fabregas back but are they been realistic? What are Arsenal’s chances of getting back their former captain? In the next few paragraphs, I will take a look at the chances of Arsenal actually getting back Cesc Fabregas from Barca.

1. He wants to play regularly unfortunately he has been more of a bit part player ever since he left London for Barcelona.

This much was alluded to by Wenger when said “I think at the moment he’s lacking the confidence of being a regular player,” he told Al Jazeera.

“Recently he has not been that.

“Cesc is such a passionate player, a player of such quality, that it must hurt him not to play in every single game. That’s what he misses. When you come in and out you never play with full confidence.”

With Cesc recently confirming that he and his former manager are still in constant contact, one is safe to assume Wenger is talking based on what he has been told by Cesc himself. Unfortunately with Neymar recently joining Barca, I expect him to take Cesc’s role on the Wing and that means Cesc’s little playing chances will become even smaller.

2. He has a kid with his new divorcee girlfriend

Everyone want to be close to their family and this much Fabregas confirmed when he said he was moving back to Spain to be closer to his family. However, there comes a time in a man’s life when his family means his immediate family ( wife and kids ). With the news that Cesc’s girlfriend just put to bed ( she leaves in London and they just only recently bought a new house in London ) one would expect Cesc to want to be closer to his wife and new kid.

3. The wife can’t leave London with the kids she has with her ex husband

Yesterday news broke on twitter that Fabregas’ new girlfriend cannot legally move aboard with her kids due to the divorce terms. This was further buttressed when the girlfriend tweeted ” Love changes everything”. This could mean anything but if you ask me, I will tell you it is a statement directly to Cesc. Personally, I interprete that as ” If you love me, you will move to me”. Think about it. She can’t move to Spain, what other option do they have?

4. Okay, Arsenal is not the only team in London. Chelsea can afford to play Barca as much as 60 million for him ( double of what Arsenal would have to pay to have him back ) and they can afford to give him as much as 300k per week which Arsenal can not afford. However, it is important to note that Arsenal smartly inserted into Fabregas’ contract when selling in to Barcelona a buy back clause that is said to be 25-30 Million. Aside the buy back clause, they also have first refusal on him. What this means is that Arsenal can buy him for as little as 25 million regardless of how much any other club bids if Barca want to sell. The first refusal also means should any other club bid or Barca want to sell, they have to first offer him to Arsenal.

With all this, I strongly believe it is only a matter of time before we see Fabregas wearing the Arsenal shirt again but this time never to leave again.

What do you think?

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