4 Arsenal players that are now free to speak with other clubs

The January transfer window is now open and even if Arsene Wenger doesn’t sign players for Arsenal, there are some of the player whose contract are on the verge of expiration, which means they may be able to talk to their suitors.

Here is a complete run down of those players and what we expect to happen with them:

Per Mertesacker

Because of the injury he sustained before the start of the season, Mertesacker is yet to player for Arsenal this term despite being the Captain of the team.

His contract will expire in the summer and there is no word from Arsenal yet even though Mertesacker had earlier revealed that he would renew his contract if he’s offered one.

Santi Cazorla

A lot of folks have argued that his presence in our midfield would have made us more competitive. To think that he may walk out of Arsenal free in the summer is crazy.

He is yet battling with an Achilles injury but he should get at least a two year deal because we need him.

Yaya Sanogo

Remember him? Yaya Sanogo was a free punt taken by Arsene Wenger that has not worked out in the slightest. Arriving with a reputation for being injury prone he has spent the majority of his time as an Arsenal player either injured or on loan, where he usually got injured.

It’s not even clear where he is at the minute, nor what’s wrong with him. He is alive, or, at least, he was a few months ago when he posted on one of his social media accounts.

His contract is up in the summer and I cannot, for the life of me, see how Wenger could possibly justify giving him a new contract.

Jon Toral

Genetic problems in both his knees caused a number of frutsrating setbacks as he underwent operations to rectify the problem.

The problems are now behind him, but it doesn’t seem like he will be fulfilling his early potential. On loan with Granada this season, he has played just 267 minutes in the league.

I’d like to see Arsenal give him a little more time, but I’m not sure that will happen.

There could also be some other youngsters likely to move on at the end of their contracts this summer. We are looking into these further.


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