30 million Euros For Jovetic Is Expensive, Here Are Better Options For Less Than 30 Million


One target that has perpetually been on Wenger’s radar in his bid to sharpen Arsenal’s blunt attack has been Fiorentina’s hitman Stefan Jovetic. While Arsenal are keen to spend big on the Montenegro striker, his Italian side are playing hardball by refusing to backdown on the 30 million Euros demand for him. Hear their general manager when asked if Fiorentina would accept a lesser fee,

Fiorentina’s general manager when asked by reporters at a MotoGP event if €29.99m would be a big enough bid to buy Jovetic, he replied with a curt: “No.”

Even Juventus that have been widely touted as Arsenal’s fierce rivals for Jovetic have baulked at the hiked fee.

“Jovetic is on the market then it means that they want to sell him, but €30m? Everyone has the right to make up their own figures, but we have our limits.”

Juventus’ general manager.

I am still at loss as to why Fiorentina is demanding so much for him. I understand he still has 3 years left on his current contract but besides that, there is nothing striking about him or his qualities. His goal and assist return are nothing to boast about.

He has never scored 20+ goals in a season, never assisted double figures in a season and never won any trophy at Fiorentina not to talk of personal award. How then is he worth 30 million Euros? I know he has potentials and at 24 years, his best years are still ahead of him and under a great manager like Wenger, he could explode. Currently, he is still a rough diamond that needs polishing. For 30 million Euros, there are plenty options from which Arsenal can choose and I will highlight them below.

Cesc Fabregas

The Arsenal captain seems surplus to requirements at the Camp Nou and for 25 million Pounds, Barca will hurriedly set him free. Fabregas is a versatile option for us, he can play as a midfielder, behind the striker, auxiliary striker and a false 9. The latter role, he has played for Spain and Barca and should he play that for Arsenal, it will give variation to the Gunners’ attack. Jovetic is after all also in essence a false 9.

Cristian Benteke and David Villa

The duo won’t cost us more than 30 million Euros. A single player no matter how talented cannot play the role of 2 players especially during injuries, fatigue and suspension. In Benteke and Villa, Arsenal will be getting a massively talented young striker with Premier league experience (long term) and a massively experienced and old striker (short term). What a perfect blend. One will mentor the other.

Wayne Rooney

The Manchester United striker is reportedly unhappy at Old Trafford and wants a move away. He is massively experienced in the English game, versatile and a proven goalscorer. For 25 million Pounds, Arsenal might get him. Although he will be on higher wages but at the same time, he is surely going to sell more shirts than Jovetic ( Rooney has better world wide appeal and although many who “hate him” won’t agree but it is a fact ) and he will not need time to bed in as he is already accustomed to the league.

Miguel Michu

The Swansea striker was arguably the signing of last season. For just 2 million Pounds, he delivered 18 Premier League goals to Swansea. With the Welsh club making it to the Europa League, they can sure make do with some money to beef up their threadbare squad so as to make an impression in Europe. A bid of 15 or 20 million Pounds will see them literally driving Michu to the Emirates. In Michu, we will be signing a prolific forward and a versatile player.


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  1. Nice article n analysis. To b frank, I rlly don’t undastand y Jovetic is valued dis high considering his qualities. He’s not even a prolific finisher 2 b valued dis high. In as much as I would luv 2 c him in d Arsenal shirt, I sincerely tink a bid of 15-20 million pounds is more dan enuff 2 land him. Cn’t wait 2 hav d duo of Benteke n Villa @ d Emirates. Prolific finishers who’ll cost Arsenal less dan £30million.

    Villa = £10M
    Benteke= £15M


  2. Is not all about scouting all these players, is all about making sure they arrive. I thank God 4 making me a full Chelsae fan where our money do the talking. Am sorry 4 Arsenal fans……

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