3 Reasons Why Di Maria Will Sign For Arsenal

Di-Maria_1200x837There are many reports that Arsenal are close to the signing of Real Madrid’s Di Maria. Some reports in Spain even have it that the gunners are extremely close to the signing of the Argentine after agreeing terms with Real Madrid. This however still not not make Arsenal fans and fans of other clubs to believe Arsenal can sign Di Maria. Many are of the believe that Madrid will not sell and even if they decide to sell, Arsenal can not match Real’s asking price or Di Maria’s wage demands.

This is somewhat true in the past but not any more. Personally, I think he will end up playing for Arsenal at the end of the window. Below are 3 reasons I think Arsenal will sign Di Maria.

1. Real Madrid will be willing to sell. After getting Gareth Bale from Tottenham, Real already have a ready made replacement for Di Maria in the Welsh man and may not be too overly keen on keeping Di Maria especially if an offer that meets their valuation is made.

2. Can Arsenal meet Real Madrid’s valuation and if they can, can they pay Di Maria’s wages? Judging by happenings in the transfer window from Arsenal point of view this window so far, it is yes to both questions. Arsenal have had bids of more than 30 million Euros which is the asking price for Real Madrid made for players so far this window. 40 million plus 1 pound was bid for Luiz Suarez, 25 million reportedly bid for the services of Manchester United’s Wayne Rooney and over 23 million placed on Higuain as well in this window. All 3 players are on wages way more than Di Maria. Also, it is important to point out that Arsenal’s CEO has already said this summer will see his club relax their somewhat relax their rigid wage structure and if they are not ready to relax the wage structure, they won’t be going after players such as Rooney who are on wages way more than what Arsenal’s highest ever earner earned before he left for Barcelona ( Henry ).

3. Will Di Maria want to come? This one is dicey but I think there is a chance of him been persuaded to join Arsenal. This is even more plausible if you consider the fact that the Argentine was extremely close to joining Arsenal from Benfica couple of seasons ago. The fact that he needs to maintain regular first team football at club let to stand a chance of been picked by the national team for the world cup is another plus.

All in all, I firmly believe the ball is in Wenger’s court. If he decides to buy the player, I think Madrid will sell, Di Maria’s wages can’t be a problem and the fact that Bale will be joining Madrid means Di Maria can be convinced to move away for first team football.

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